The Liquid Bit airdrop has been started. It is time to grab your free L-BIT stash!

The Airdrop

The Liquid Bit airdrop is the very first stage of the fair distribution scheme of the total L-BIT supply. Anybody can join to get some free Liquid Bits. The maximum amount that will be distributed during the airdrop is 400 million L-BIT units.


A valid confidential Liquid address is required to receive the L-BIT airdrop. The easiest way to get one is to create a new Liquid wallet with the official and open source Green Wallet application which is available for iOS, Android, F-Droid and Desktop (Windows, MacOS and Linux).

Instructions to create a confidential Liquid address with Green Wallet can be found here.


Each participant can receive 10 000 L-BIT just by providing its Liquid address, but there is an opportunity to claim an additional 15 000 L-BIT by completing simple tasks, like sharing the website link on social media networks.

So the maximum reward an applicant can claim is 25 000 L-BIT.


Registrations will be processed in chronological order and the rewards will be distributed within 24-36 hours while the reserved airdrop amount lasts.

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