Liquid Bit is a scarce and privacy focused digital asset living natively on the Liquid Network.
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Asset Characteristics

Liquid Bits a.k.a. "drips" can be fully settled hassle free within only two minutes. Transactions are confidential which means that the amounts are hidden from all third parties. This information is only known by the sender and the receiver involved in the transaction. Transaction fees can be customized and can be as low as $0.01.

Scarce Supply

The smallest unit of Liquid Bit is one L-BIT - also called as a "drip". Drips can not be divided, which means that it is impossible to send, receive or hold less then one whole L-BIT.

As known, every Bitcoin can be divided into 100 million fragments - satoshis -, so the overall Bitcoin supply can be divided into 21 000 000 x 100 000 000 pieces. That is 2 100 000 billion or 2 100 trillion units.

The whole supply of Liquid Bit is 102.4 billion L-BIT units, which can not be divided into smaller pieces. This means that Liquid Bit is more than 20 507 times scarcer than Bitcoin.

Fair Ditribution

The key to build a strong community and a good reputation for Liquid Bit is transparency and the fair distribution scheme. The issuance of the asset is truly public, so anyone can verify the supply and the fact that no more units can be issued in the future.

The whole supply will be distributed. No founders or team members are allowed to keep themselves even a single drip.

The distribution process will be achieved in three stages: the airdrop, the presale and the initial exchange offer. The airdrop will be open to anyone and the maximum amount distributed this way is 400 million L-BIT. The presale will have a 2 000 million drips hard cap. The rest of the total supply will be offered through the initial exchange offer.

During the presale and the initial exchange offer price will be locked to 0.00000001 BTC / L-BIT.


There are three long term breakthrough goals to achieve:

1, Successful and fair distribution
2, Providing additional liquidity for the Liquid Network
3, Becoming the base asset of Liquid based conversions


2020 Q3/Q4
The idea
Project specification
Business plan
Asset issuance
Website launch
Initial exchange offer

Project Updates

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